Updated 2/19/05


  1. Issues of 1943: Stamp of Senegal surcharged in red "50 fr double bar"

    1943XXXX01 1.50fr on 65c dark violet
    1943XXXX02 5.50fr on 65c dark violet
    1943XXXX03 50fr on 65c dark violet

  2. Issues of 1944:Stamp of Mauritania surcharged in red "5 fr. double bar"
  3. 1944XXXX01 3.50fr on 65c deep green
    1944XXXX02 4fr on 65c deep green
    1944XXXX03 5fr on 65c deep green
    1944XXXX04 10fr on 65c deep green

  4. Issues of 1944:Stamps of Senegal surcharged with new value in black or orange
  5. 1944XYXX01 1.50fr on 15c black with orange overprint
    1944XYXX02 4.50fr on 15c black with orange overprint
    1944XYXX03 5.50fr on 2c brown with black overprint
    1944XYXX04 10fr on 15c black with orange overprint
    1944XYXX05 20fr on 90c orange and orange brown with black overprint
    1944XYXX06 50fr on 90c orange and orange brown with black overprint

  6. Issues of 1944: Stamp of Mauritania surcharged with new value in black
  7. 1944XZXX01 15fr on 90c orange brown and orange

  8. Issues of 1945: Felix Eboue issue
  9. 1945XXXX01 2 fr black
    1945XXXX02 25 fr Prussian green

  10. Issues of 1945: Colonial soldier
  11. 1945XXXX01 10c indigo and buff
    1945XXXX02 30c olive and yellow
    1945XXXX03 40c blue and buff
    1945XXXX04 50c red orange and gray
    1945XXXX05 60c olive brown and black
    1945XXXX06 70c magenta and claret
    1945XXXX07 80c blue green and pale lemon
    1945XXXX08 1fr brown violet and claret
    1945XXXX09 1.20fr gray brown and claret
    1945XXXX10 1.50fr chocolate and pink
    1945XXXX11 2fr ocher and gray
    1945XXXX12 2.40fr red and gray
    1945XXXX13 3fr brown red and yellowish
    1945XXXX14 4fr ultra and pink
    1945XXXX15 4.50fr orange brown and yellowish
    1945XXXX16 5fr dark purple and yellowish
    1945XXXX17 10fr olive green and pink
    1945XXXX18 15fr orange and yellow
    1945XXXX19 20fr slate green and greenish

  12. Issues of 1947:
  13. 1947XXXX01 10c blue

    Rifle dance in Mauritania

    1947XXXX02 30c red brown

    Bamako dike, French Sudan

    1947XXXX03 40c gray green

    Trading canoe, Niger

    1947XXXX04 50c red brown

    Oasis of Bilma, Niger

    1947XXXX05 60c gray black

    Shelling coconuts, Togo

    1947XXXX06 80c brown violet

    Kouande weaving, Dahomey

    1947XXXX07 1fr maroon

    Donkey caravan, Senegal

    1947XXXX08 1fr20 dark blue green

    Crocodile and hippotamus, Ivory Coast

    1947XXXX09 1fr50 ultra

    Gathering coconuts, French Guinea

    1947XXXX10 2fr red orange

    Bamako fountain, French Sudan

    1947XXXX11 3fr chocolate

    Peul woman of Dienne

    1947XXX12 3fr60 brown red

    Bamako market

    1947XXXX13 4fr deep blue

    Dahomey laborer

    1947XXXX14 5fr gray green

    woman of Mauritania

    1947XXXX15 6fr dark blue

    Fula woman

    1947XXXX16 10fr brown red

    Dienne Mosque, French Sudan

    1947XXXX17 15fr sepia

    Monorail train, Senegal

    1947XXXX18 20fr chocolate

    Agni woman, Ivory Coast

    1947XXXX19 25fr greenish black

    Azwa woman at Niger River

  14. Issues of 1948: types of 1947 re-engraved without TOGO inscription
  15. 19480XXXX01 60c brown olive

    Shelling coconuts

    19480XXXX02 3fr chocolate

    Peul woman at Diennee

  16. Issues of 1 Dec 1952
  17. 1952120101 15fr multicolored

    Military medal common issue

    1952120102 40fr brown lake

    Treich Laplene and map

  18. Issue of 18 Nov 1953
  19. 1953111801 15fr brown, dark blue green & dark brown

    Medical laboratory

  20. Issue of 20 Sep 1954
  21. 19540920 25fr multicolored

    Couple feeding antelope

  22. Issue of 29 Nov 1954
  23. 19541129 8fr indigo & brown

    Governor Noel Eugene Ballay

  24. Issue of 2 May 1955: International Exhibition for Wildlife Protection May 1955
  25. 1955050201 5fr gray & dark brown


    1955050202 8fr brown & blue green

    Giant pangolin

  26. Issues of 4 Jul 1955: 50th Anniversary of Rotary international
  27. 1955070401 15fr dark blue

  28. Issues of 1956: FIDES comon issue
  29. 1956XXXX01 1fr dark green & dark blue green

    Date grove, Mauritania

    1956XXXX02 2fr dark blue green & blue

    Milo bridge, French Guinea

    1956XXXX03 3fr dark brown & red brown

    Mossi railroad, Upper Volta

    1956XXXX04 4fr dark carmine rose

    Cattle raising, Niger

    1956XXXX05 15fr indigo & ultra

    Farm machinery and landsccape, Senegal

    1956XXXX06 17fr dark blue & Indigo

    Woman and Niger River, French Sudan

    1956XXXX07 20fr rose lake

    Plam oil production, Dahomey

    1956XXXX08 30fr dark purple & claret

    Road construction, Ivory Coast

  30. Issue of 22 Oct 1956
  31. 1956102201 15fr dark blue green


  32. Issue of 11 Mar 1957: Knights of Malta
  33. 1957031101 15fr dark red brown, purple & red

    Mobile leprosy clinic and Maltese cross

  34. Issue of Feb 1958: 6th Congress for International Tourism, Dakar
  35. 195802XX01 20fr multicolored

    Map of Africa

  36. Issues of 15 March 1958
  37. 1958031501 15fr orange, ultra and chocolate

    Stamp day, Africa and communication symbols

    1958031502 20fr dark slate green & greenish blue

    Abidjan bridge

  38. Issues of 19 May 1958:
  39. 1958051901 20fr rose lilac, dark green & olive


  40. Issues of 7 July 1958: Flower issue
  41. 1958070701 10fr multicolored


    1958070702 30fr multicolored


    1958070703 65fr multicolored

    Crinum moorei

  42. Issues of 1 November 1958: 10th Anniversary of the reestablishment of the Upper Volta Territory
  43. 1958110101 20fr olive brown,carmine & violet

    Moro Naba Sagha and map

  44. Issues of 10 December 1958: Human rights common issue
  45. 1958121001 20fr maroon & dark blue

  46. Issues of 1 May 1959: Flower issue
  47. 1959050101 25fr red, yellow & green


    1959050102 40fr black brown, green & yellow


  48. Issues of 21 March 1959: Stamp day
  49. 1959032101 20fr red, greenish blue & slate green

    Africa and communication symbols